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“Cellist Anne Suda read so much contrast into score, intermittently I felt I wasn't hearing Debussy at all, but discovering his lost contemporary genius. It was the freshest interpretation I’ve heard.

-Jack Gabel, Northwest Reverb

The delightful top-to-bottom slides on the fingerboard were impeccable, and in the cadenza Ms. Suda never hurried, letting the long pauses add suspense to the music. She clearly identified with Tchaikovsky’s subtle and non-heroic interplay of cello and orchestra.”
-Terry McNeill, Classical Sonoma 

“Anne has a lovely sound that is both big and interesting! Excellent intonation, great effects and left hand work, with a beautiful bow arm: Bravo! Impressive and fun.

–Ilkka Talvi, concertmaster of the Seattle Symphony

“It was Suda who soared beyond the pale. Her cello work was energetic, spirited, powerful and achingly delicate. Her technique was as close to flawless as anyone will experience. Suda flew like a graceful, exotic bird.

-Bob Saar, The Hawkeye 

 “Cellist ANNE SUDA, a virtuosic artist who plays with great commitment, demonstrated once again her extreme talent and artistic sensitivity. The charmed audience gave a long and warm standing ovation. It was an exceptional concert, one of which any music lover would dream of attending. Stunning and sublime.

-Canton de Salignac, L’Essor Sarlandais, Saint-Genies, France

 “Her Tchaikovsky was wondrous and her technique and sense of drama moved me. Anne is a great talent!

–Bernard Shapiro, principal oboist of the Seattle Symphony

“Haunting, exciting! Anne has a wonderfully expressive style with a full and colorful tone. She has excellent control while playing with her entire soul, and a rich understanding of all styles and their musical needs. This depth really shows in her playing! Audiences will love her dynamic and expressive stage presence. Anne has so much to share with today’s audiences! It was such a pleasure to hear her! I also appreciated the informative and engaging intro!! Intriguing information about the Soviet influence and a terrific choice of program.”

–Beth Kirchhoff, Seattle Opera Chorusmaster

“Very lyrical style with a command highlighting musicality. Great technical facility! I was so impressed by her bowing and rhythmic control in the Schnittke Sonata. Anne’s warm and expressive sound in Tchaikovsky captured the true essence romantic music. She demonstrated a commanding fast section with fantastic capriccioso energy and forward momentum. Excellent playing!”

–Dr. Sarah Chan, Professor of Piano, California State University, Stanislaus

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